Having A Tail Waggin’ Good Time!

With over 1,500 sq ft. of climate-controlled space, Dogs’ Own Daycare in Loveland, CO provides an ideal play environment regardless of weather conditions. Happy pets are better behaved and a joy to have in our facility, which is why we make having a good time a priority.  

Dogs’ Own Daycare also has a newly expanded outdoor facility to take advantage of the numerous, beautiful sunny days Colorado is known for!

How We Roll (Sit & Stay)

Everyone knows that the group of friends you hang out with can impact your behavior. We offer expertly guided socialization and supervised playtime with dogs according to size, temperament and play style. Play groups are rotated every 30-45 minutes throughout the day to give every dog plenty of rest, as well as structured playtime.

Oh No! Not on the Floor!

Training and consistency are extremely important. Every group goes outside to our secure, newly expanded potty yard before and after each play session to maintain those crucial housetraining skills even when spending time away from home.  

Our staff members tailor each play group to the needs of the individual dogs, using activities such as playing ball, tug, chasing bubbles, and treat training to keep our daycare dogs stimulated throughout the day, as well as plenty of wrestling and running around with doggie friends!

Free Furry Fridays

Dog’s Own Daycare offers FREE Furry Fridays for puppies under 6 months old. Who doesn’t love a play day? The first 6 months of a puppy’s life is a crucial time for proper socialization, and we are here to help!

Daycare Requirements

All dogs attending daycare must have been in your home a minimum of 10 days

All dogs must have current proof of rabies and bordetella vaccinations

All dogs must have an information sheet and a signed waiver on file

All dogs attending daycare must wear a quick release collar and all dogs will be issued a daycare tag for easy identification. Replacement tags cost $2.00

All new dogs to daycare must be evaluated to ensure that daycare is a good fit for your dog. 

Evaluations are done Monday-Thursday for all dogs. No new dogs are accepted on Fridays. Evaluation day is complementary – we will care for your pet for a full 6-hour period on their first day!

The Extras

Dogs’ Own does provide limited ingredient dog food as treats to the dogs in daycare. If you would like us to feed your dog meal/meals while they are in daycare please bring their food in a Tupperware/plastic with a lidded container labeled with their name in permanent marker. There is a $1.00 charge per meal to feed. 

We are happy to administer medication to your pet while they are here at daycare. All medication must be in the original container with a veterinary prescription on the bottle. There is a $3.00 charge per medication administration.

Daycare Plans & Pricing

Dogs’ Own offers a number of plans that are affordable and convenient taking into consideration the unique needs of each pet and owner.


Full Day Packages

*All Pre-Paid days must be used by 12/23/2020*




Regular Full Day Package$27$32
5 Day Package$130$155
10 Day Package$250$300

Half Day Packages

6 hours or less: morning or afternoon

(pick up or drop off at noon)




Regular Half Day Package$22$27
5 Day Package$105$130
10 Day Package$200$250

Other Add-Ons



$1.00 per meal / per day – must be in a plastic container, labeled, no plastic bags



$3.00 per dosage – must be in the original prescription container


Kong Treat / Lixit Mat

$3.00 per each or a package of 10 for $20.00 – added to each membership


Nail Trims




15 minute session with our on staff trainers – $10.00.
Pack of 5 – $35.00
Pack of 10 – $70.00

Does Your Pet Need Some Extra Love?

Intact Dogs

Dogs’ Own Daycare is one of the few facilities that welcome intact pets over 6 months old. We are comfortable with and confident in our ability to provide a safe place for your intact male or female.

Medical Needs

If your pet is healing from surgery, needs medication or has mobility issues, our caring staff is trained to help and loves giving extra care to your pups!

Socialization Concerns

We understand that some pets prefer on-leash walks and minimal interaction with other dogs or people. Inquire about our training program to turn feisty fidos into playful pooches!